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We created this project to help people take care of themselves and their loved ones when medical assistance is unavailable or while waiting for it to arrive.

We are a team of three people, Dr Maybell Nieves who is still working as a front-line doctor in Caracas Venezuela, Dr Rodrigo Alterio who lived and treated isolated native communities deep in the Amazon jungle where there are no doctors or pharmacies for thousands of miles, and Claude Davis, a wild west history expert who studied and applied the forgotten survival knowledge of our great grandparents for most of his life.

Together we realised we can create something unique, a practical guide for when there is no doctor, pharmacy or hospital available. Our mission is to empower every household to be able to take their health into their own hand when the situation calls for it. We do not recommend using the guide as the first line of defense if the medical system is still available.

We do recommend this guide to people who want to be more prepared and self-reliant!

Dr Maybell Nieves

Breast and General Surgeon

Dr Maybell Nieves is the head surgeon of the Unit of Breast Pathology and general surgeon at Caracas University Hospital in Venezuela

Dr Maybell studied at the prestigious European Institute of Oncology in Milan, Italy under Professor Umberto Veronesi, the man who revolutionized modern breast cancer surgery worldwide, who was her guide and mentor.

She is known for developing new, ingenious methods of treating patients after Venezuela's economy collapsed and hospitals and pharmacies ran out of medicines, supplies, electricity and running water.

The methods she developed and pioneered are now studied and applied in conflict zones all over the world.

Many of these protocols and procedures do not require medical assistance as they are specifically designed to be self-applied. That makes them extremely valuable if the medical system cannot be depended on, like during long term blackouts.


Dr Rodrigo Alterio

Surgical Oncology

Dr Rodrigo Alterio is currently working in the surgery department at UT Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas, Texas.

Most of his ongoing research is mainly based in Surgical Oncology.

But in 2017 Dr Alterio lived with and was the primary care physicians of an indigenous community called “Kamarata” (Pemóns), deep in the Amazon jungle, many hundreds of miles from civilization. There are no roads there and the community is only accessible by small planes; no Pharmacies or Hospitals either.

Away from civilization, Dr Rodrigo had to make do with what he had on hand to perform a wide range of medical procedures for accidents, diseases and delivering babies. He made use of  traditional methods when supplies were scarce, like cleaning wounds with antiseptics and honey as a Bacteriostatic (substance that stop bacterial reproduction but doesn’t kill them), until more supplies arrived.

Dr Alterio was also part of the Green Cross, a group of brave front-line paramedics that helped both injured protesters and law enforcement alike; anyone who needed help during the protests was aided.


Claude Davis

Survival and Natural Remedies Expert

Claude Davis is a wild-west history expert and a lifelong prepper, who believes that the crisis people prepare for is folks 150 years ago called daily life: no electricity, no modern medicine, no running water, no law enforcement, no Walmart and no 911 to call.

When it comes to medicine, he adopted the lost remedies of our forefathers, who used to know and take advantage of what nature has to offer. Very few people nowadays remember this forgotten knowledge. But in the next crisis, it very well may be the last thing available.

The proof is in the pudding. In Venezuela, after the medical system collapsed, many people, especially doctors had to make use of these methods again to save people.

Claude wanted to make available to the American people a way to help themselves and their families in a crisis, when medical assistance is unavailable.

Claude is the editor in chief of askaprepper.com and thelostherbs.com.


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